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Welcome to the exciting world of alternative cross-stitching. We’ve specially designed each and every one of our unique cross-stitch kits to express the sentiments of modern women . Our research teams have been meticulous in gathering quotes, quips, and historical passages that we know will interest you. We offer you, the stitcher, searing commentary on gender relations of the past and present. When you sit down with a warm cup of tea and one of our exciting kits, and begin to create one of these beautifully embroidered pieces, you’ll experience the emotions we did when we first came across each of these memorable quotes.

We’ve titled this series “Quotes by Misguided Males.” We think that after reading them you may come up with a few new ways of referring to the men that originally penned or spoke these words.

Do-Dad Boxes: Hair Box
Mixed media, Cross-stitch kit
Like a Dog
Floss on fabric, Cross-stitch kit
Preposterously Naive
Floss on fabric, Cross-stitch kit
Floss on fabric, Cross-stitch kit